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Concrete Form Manufacturer — Florida

Groundwater Remediation System
Designed a bio-sparge groundwater remediation system. Groundwater was impacted with total xylenes and naphthalene. Prepared the plans and specifications, conducted the bidding process, and supervised the system installation and operation. Responsible for operation and maintenance, and quarterly groundwater sampling.

Commonwealth Edison — Waukegan, Illinois

Soil Remediation
Site characterization, soil sampling, excavation, waste characterization, transportation, and disposal of approximately 1,000 tons of PCB-contaminated soil to a Subtitle C landfill as a TSCA waste. Removed one UST and one AST from the site. Excavated and disposed approximately 1,600-tons of petroleum impacted soil in a Subtitle D landfill. Removed ACM-tile from the floor of a former building. Prepared the 20-Day Certification and the 45-Day Report. The 45-Day report included a TACO evaluation for the impacted groundwater. An NFR letter was obtained for the UST release. Prepared the Interim Remedial Action Completion Report in accordance with the Illinois EPA Site Remediation Program Requirements.

Confidential Client — Wheeling, Illinois

Soil Remediation
Evaluated soil treatment options for remediating approximately 750-tons of soil impacted with chlorinated solvents. The soil was excavated and treated on-site using an indirect heat volatilization process. At the completion of the project, the treated soil was replaced as backfill. Prior to excavating the impacted soil, 80-linear feet of sheeting, driven to approximately 20-feet below grade, was installed around the excavation to secure the adjacent building.

Drum Manufacturer — Alsip, Illinois

Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Designed and operated a bio-sparging system to remediate groundwater impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons, ketones, and alcohol. Aquifer sparge wells were installed in the former tank pit to increase dissolved oxygen concentrations and to inject microorganisms/nutrients into the subsurface. A soil vapor extraction system was installed to capture off-gas generated by the bio-sparge system. Impacted soil (an F-listed waste) was treated using an on-site thermal desorption process resulting in a substantial cost savings to the client. Prepared a Remediation Objectives Report following the Illinois Tiered Approach To Corrective Action Objectives (TACO) process to eliminate exposure pathways and to demonstrate that remaining concentrations do not pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment.

Drum Manufacturer — Greenville, Ohio

Groundwater Remediation
Designed, constructed, and operated a groundwater recovery system to remediate groundwater impacted with chlorinated solvents. Three separate aquifers were impacted. An interceptor trench was installed across the shallow aquifer to capture off-site migration. A dual-vapor extraction (DVE) system was installed in the clay till aquifer to extract groundwater from the thin sand lenses and two recovery wells were installed in the deep sand and gravel aquifer to control off-site migration. An air stripper was installed to treat the groundwater to discharge standards prior to POTW discharge. The project was conducted under the Ohio EPA Voluntary Action Program.

Window Manufacturer — Rantoul, Illinois

Groundwater Remediation System Design
Designed a groundwater remediation system. Groundwater was impacted with mineral spirits and pentachlorophenol. Modified an existing drain tile for use as a groundwater interceptor trench. Two 1,000-pound granular activated carbon units were used to treat impacted groundwater prior to discharging effluent to the POTW.

CASE Corporation — Aurora, Colorado

Groundwater Remediation
Designed a dual-vapor extraction (DVE) system using a liquid-ring pump to extract free product, impacted groundwater and vapor. The impacted groundwater was treated with an oil/water separator and granular activated carbon prior to POTW discharge.

Battery Manufacturer — Kankakee, Illinois

Lead-Impacted Soil Stabilization
Approximately 30,000 tons of lead impacted soil (RCRA hazardous) was stabilized on site. The soil was treated in a pug mill and in-situ. A stormwater detention berm was constructed from the stabilized soil. Through beneficial reuse of the treated soil, the client saved approximately $450,000 in soil disposal costs. Provided oversight to verify that the soil was being treated according to the IEPA requirements. Prepared a Remediation Documentation Report for submittal to the IEPA.

Oil Company — Keokuk, Iowa

Vacuum-Enhanced Product Recovery System Design
Prepared detailed plans and specifications for a vacuum-enhanced free product recovery system. System design included the installation of three free product recovery wells. The system was designed to recover free product only by using air-driven extraction pumps. A vacuum was applied to each wellhead to increase the free product recharge rate and to increase the zone of influence for each well.

U.S. Reductions — Henrietta, Missouri

Aquifer Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction Design
Designed and installed an aquifer sparge/soil vapor extraction system to remove petroleum hydrocarbon contamination. The system consisted of 4 aquifer sparge wells and 12 soil vapor extraction wells. The system was installed to treat the gasoline-impacted soil and groundwater that resulted from an underground storage tank release.

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