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Confidential Client — Sycamore, Illinois

Soil Stabilization/RCRA Closure
Prepared plans and specifications to stabilize 1,400 tons of heavy metal-impacted foundry sand and soil (a RCRA hazardous waste). Two waste piles and one drum storage area containing chromium and lead-impacted foundry sand and soil was stabilized in situ and transported to a landfill for disposal as a non-hazardous waste. The IEPA granted closure after the remedial activities were completed.

Tire Manufacturer— North Central Illinois

Former Drum Storage RCRA Closure
Implemented a grid-sampling plan using a Shelby-tube sampling technique, which minimized sample disturbance. By minimizing sample disturbance, accurate volatile organic compound concentrations were obtained. The vertical and horizontal extent of soil contamination was successfully delineated. The constituents of concern were determined to be tetrachloroethane and lead. Prepared a phased-groundwater investigation plan to determine the impact tetrachloroethane had on groundwater. A phased approach was designed to optimize monitoring well placement. Prepared and implemented a pilot study plan to determine the effectiveness of using aquifer sparging and soil vapor extraction for the removal of tetrachloroethane in the groundwater and soil. Due to the relatively shallow groundwater, a horizontal soil vapor extraction well network was installed.

Brass Foundry — Union, Illinois

RCRA Closure
Prepared plans and specifications to stabilize 10,000 tons of lead-impacted foundry sand (a RCRA hazardous waste). Seven waste piles, two drum storage areas, and one surface impoundment containing lead-impacted soil/sediment was stabilized in situ and transported to a landfill for disposal as a non-hazardous waste. The on-site treatment process saved the client approximately $250,000. Closure was obtained from the IEPA after completing remediation activities.

USEPA — Freeport, Illinois

Corrective Measures Study (CMS) Technical Review for a Plating Facility
Involved heavy metals, cyanide, and solvent contamination. Evaluated the surface impoundment stabilization/solidification strategy for effectiveness. Provided technical support for the USEPA during negotiations.

USEPA — Multiple Sites throughout Indiana

Compliance Evaluation Inspections
Conducted RCRA Compliance Evaluation Inspection/Land Disposal Restriction (CEI/LDR) inspections at several sites throughout the State of Indiana. Inspected generator and TSD facilities for RCRA compliance regarding proper waste characterization and storage/handling requirements.

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