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Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans (SPCC Plans) — Multiple Locations

Evaluated facilities and prepared several SPCC plans in accordance with state and federal regulations. The SPCC plans were prepared in accordance with 40 CFR Parts 110 and 112 to prevent the discharge of oil into navigable waters and to provide information on responding to spills. SPCC plans were prepared for facilities located in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Connecticut, Georgia, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments — Multiple Locations

Conducted Phase I investigations on several facilities including active manufacturing facilities, repair shops, dry cleaning facilities, dealerships, vacant lots, commercial/industrial facilities, etc. The Phase I investigations were conducted in accordance with ASTM standards unless otherwise requested by the client.

Grade Management Plans — Multiple Scrap Yard Facilities

Evaluated storm water runoff and control mechanisms for several scrap yard facilities located in Chicago, Illinois. The overall objective of the GMP is to control storm water from flowing off the site, and to minimize on-site ponding of storm water by maintaining minimum grades allowing for site drainage. Established procedures for facility personnel to follow on a daily, monthly, and annual basis to verify that the proposed grades are being maintained and that the existing catch basins, stormwater collection basins, and oil/water separator is functioning properly.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans — Multiple Locations

Prepared Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for several facilities. Conducted site visits to view the overall site drainage patterns, discharge locations and outfalls, and outdoor significant materials management and/or chemical storage practices. Particular attention was paid to streamlining the Best Management Practices (BMPs) required for each site.

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