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Multiple Industrial/Commercial Phase II Investigations — Multiple Locations

Phase II Site Investigations
Conducted multiple site investigations on various facilities (i.e., manufacturing facilities, vacant lots, dry cleaner facilities, etc.) to identify/verify the presence of soil and/or groundwater contamination resulting from past activities identified during the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment process. Investigations included soil and/or groundwater sampling, analyses, and comparing detected constituents to the appropriate state regulations.

Eastwood Metal Products — Aurora, Illinois

Site Investigation and Soil Remediation
Conducted a soil and groundwater investigation to delineate the extent of impacted soil and groundwater from an active metal plating facility. The primary contaminants are nickel and chromium. Prepared the Remediation Objectives Report and the Remedial Action Completion Report requesting a No Further Remediation letter.

USEPA — Perham, Minnesota

Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
Contamination consisted of arsenic and lead in the groundwater and soil. Directed field activities, coordinated activities with the MPCA and the USEPA agencies to develop a sampling strategy with emphasis placed on the mobility and treatability of the arsenic. Prepared the Remedial Investigation report, the Alternatives Array document, and the Feasibility Study. The Remedial Investigation determined the vertical and horizontal extent of the contaminants of concern. The Feasibility Study evaluated such technologies as chemical precipitation, ion exchange, activated alumina adsorption, and soil flushing. Additional activities consisted of interpreting the results of a treatability study to determine the effectiveness of arsenic removal using chemical precipitation, ion exchange and activated alumina adsorption. Conceptual designs for chemical precipitation and alumina adsorption were prepared.

City of Champaign — Champaign, Illinois

Landfill Site Investigation
Sediment, soil, surface water, groundwater and residential well samples were collected during the investigation. Prepared the Remedial Investigation report documenting the findings of the investigation as well as providing rationale for the applicability of Class II groundwater cleanup objectives. Subsequently, Class II status was obtained from the IEPA. As a result, the landfill was in compliance with the Illinois Groundwater Protection Act; therefore the Feasibility Study was waived by the IEPA.

Commonwealth Edison — Waukegan, Illinois

Former Tannery Site Field Sampling Plan-Remedial Investigation
Field activities included developing a magnetometry survey to locate buried drums; optimizing the placement of monitoring wells to delineate the rate and extent of groundwater contamination; and developing a soil/sediment sampling strategy to characterize heavy metal contamination as well as delineate the extent of soil contamination.

Chemical Manufacturer — Michigan City, Indiana

Voluntary Site Investigation for a Chemical Manufacturing Site
The site investigation included the installation of monitoring wells, the advancement of soil borings for the purpose of characterizing the geology, and collecting soil samples for lab analysis. Collected groundwater samples using a temporary well-point method. Evaluated data and identified contaminants and areas of concern.

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