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Former Brewery — Chicago, Illinois

Concrete Crushing/Regrading
Approximately 48,000 cubic yards of building material was excavated and recycled on site. Large broken concrete pieces containing rebar were crushed into a CA-6 base coarse material and used to regrade the site. Prepared and obtained the necessary permits from CDOE and Chicago Department of Zoning for the on-site concrete crushing operation. Foundation and debris removal was required to restore the site. Cut and fill activities were completed to even the grade at the 19-acre site. Conducted site-wide surveying activities to verify that final grades were in compliance with CDOE requirements. In addition, debris (i.e., tires, demolition debris, miscellaneous scrap metal, etc.) resulting from “fly dumping” was removed from the site. The work was performed as a response to a consent order issued by the City of Chicago.

Illinois Department of Transportation Pump Station #44 — Elmhurst, Illinois

Soil Excavation/Disposal
As a result a facility upgrade activities planned by IDOT, petroleum-impacted soil was discovered at Pump Station #44 in Elmhurst, Illinois. Prepared a Health and Safety Plan, Waste Characterization Plan, and conducted soil sampling activities to characterize petroleum impacted soil at Pump Station #44. After obtaining IDOT approval for the plans, approximately 1,300-tons of petroleum-impacted soil was excavated and disposed as a Special waste. Conducted oversight during soil excavation activities to ensure that the Health and Safety plan was be followed and that truck traffic entering and exiting the site was conducted in a safe and controlled manner.

Confidential Client — South Streator, Illinois

Interim Dike Construction Project
Provided construction management services for interim dike construction activities. An interim dike was being constructed to secure the sidewall of a surface impoundment containing process wastewater with a 2.5 pH value. Construction activities included placing approximately 130 linear feet of corrugated metal pipe at the base of a creek, placing and compacting approximately 1,000 cubic yards of backfill to secure the sidewall, and placing approximately 450 square yards of rip rap for erosion control.

Oil Company — Northwood, Iowa

Groundwater Remediation System Construction
Managed the construction of a groundwater remediation system consisting of four recovery wells, three infiltration galleries, the equipment building, and remediation equipment. Boring and jacking underneath railroad tracks was required. The treatment system consisted of an air stripper, backwash filters and a hydrogen peroxide feed system for enhancing subsurface biodegradation. Coordinated field activities with four subcontractors and six different equipment vendors.

CASE Corporation — Multiple Locations

Facility Decommissioning Projects
Managed several facility decommissioning projects that included identifying impacted areas, soil excavation with off-site disposal or thermal desorption, site decontamination, liquids recycling, underground/aboveground storage tank decontamination and removal, underground storage tank installation, and drain tile installation. Responsible for preparing budgets and schedules, obtaining and managing subcontractors, coordinated disposal facilities, supervising field personnel, interfacing with client and state agencies, and preparing closure reports. All work was conducted within short-time frames due to property transfers.

Drum Manufacturer — Cleveland, Ohio

Brownfield Remediation Project
Conducted a soil and groundwater investigation under the Ohio EPA Voluntary Action Program. Prepared an Urban Setting Designation to eliminate impacted groundwater as a pathway of concern. Prepared a conceptual design for remediating impacted soil. The site was impacted with volatiles, semi-volatiles, and heavy metals. Approximately 4,000 tons of impacted soil was excavated from areas inside and outside of the manufacturing facility. In addition, approximately 1,000 tons of lead-impacted soil (RCRA hazardous) was stabilized on site prior to excavating and transporting to a Subtitle D landfill. After completing the remediation activities, the property transaction was completed.

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